About Us

Sapphire International School is committed to providing a safe and secured environment where students enjoy learning and recognise their worth, dignity and leadership capacity. Screened by trees, the school's 40 acre campus is so close to lush green forests that it belies its convenient urban access. The beautiful landscape,with its energy conscious buildings, fields and ponds complement and enhance the serenity of nature in the campus.
Sapphire has a quest to develop responsible global citizens by following an international curriculum and principles based on student-centered learning, and to impart world-class education to foster academic excellence, physical fitness, psychological and spiritual well-being, social consciousness and concern for our environment, in each student, through our own systems and practices.
Driven by a passion to excel and committed to excellence, Sapphire International School offers children an exceptional life-enhancing experience, providing them with the skills and confidence they need to stand out from the crowd.
Sapphire International School is a co-educational day and residential English medium school guided by an educational philosophy that promotes the development of the whole person blending academics, athletics and creative achievement with opportunities for leadership and guiding our students into individuals, ready to take challenges in every phase of life.


The school is offering dual curriculum, i.e. affiliated to Edexcel and CBSE.
IGCSE is the world’s most popular qualification in existence for almost 150 years. More than half a million students from 2000 schools over 125 countries annually pass out with Edexcel qualification.
The advantage of CBSE is that it is the most widely accepted Board in India. In terms of pedagogical strategies and methods, we are enthusiastically taking up all the innovative measures now being spelt out by the CBSE such as Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation; Life Skill Based Adolescent Education; Environmental Education; Disaster Management ; Project based learning; Promotion of reading habits and cultivation of Higher Order Thinking Skills among others.


The world is advancing every moment; schools should also attune themselves with modern pedagogical trends. Keeping pace, our school is well equipped with various demands of the new curriculum. The development team of our school constantly monitors the latest advancement in science and technology as well as pedagogy and tries its best to expose our students and teachers to the latest development in these fields in order to get them interested in various topics according to their own special requirement or interests.
Our well-equipped classrooms and internet access to each and every student, whenever it is needed, gives us a better ability to educate our students with the newest as well as time tested methods.


Games and sports are being taught as a regular subject in this institution to improve physical strength of a child. Games and sports help a child to improve his mental skills too. Games and sports are being taught to stimulate a child to think conceptually while playing. Furthermore, these also increase the observation and orientation of a child. It involves one to perform particular action or a task within a specific period of time maintaining certain code of conduct which imbibe in children quality of self discipline and positive group behaviour.
Games are helpful to keep oneself physically fit. Usually, a child feels it interesting to play games which have physical activities. Games help a person to make use of physical labour along with the interesting activities, therefore a person performs his task and gets a physical fitness managing stress. Playing games is the best way for fun and entertainment. Every child gets get caught in the redundancy of his daily routined activities. While playing games they feel themselves in other world of entertainment with no worries and tension. Therefore, it is the best way to get relaxation. Trainings are organised to develop in the students a general habit of taking daily exercises and use this habit as a stress reliever when they grow up.
In addition to this, games also increases social skills, By playing games in group, helps to build up relationship with the group members and also better learning of collaborating nature.Students are supposed to take one game as a major choice which they can’t change in the same academic year. Two more games can be learnt in the same session , known as minor choices, which can be changed after six months. Sometimes they are allowed to play according to their own choices.
The major choice is being taught with international skill targets. These students are allowed to play interschool, inter district, national and international competition on completion of advanced level of training. The minor choices are for developing skills at the beginner’s level. Students are allowed to play their own choices, sometimes, to bring in interest in a new game in an environment of fun and entertainment. Facilities are available for special trainings usually on Fridays and Saturdays.

Beyond Academics

Our leadership programmes at SIS are rooted in a strong commitment to support students in their ongoing development as leaders. We inculcate leadership skills in the students, by allowing them to take the lead in various activities and projects.

Student Life

“Home away from home” is how the students living on campus feel during their Sapphire days. The hostels have been specifically designed to provide a warm and caring family-like environment. There are separate hostels for the boys and the girls and all the rooms are air-conditioned with all amenities and attached washrooms giving a feeling of warmth yet maintain privacy.
The entire hostel of Sapphire has been divided into ‘Wings’ and the Wing Parents take care of their own wing. A particular wing has a maximum capacity of 22 children. There are wardens in both the girls’ and the boys’ hostel. Both the hostels are monitored by a Head of Boarding.